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Why was I redirected to this page?

You probably tried to download a patcher for a game that hasn't been patched yet or that we don't own, and because we don't own the game, we can't make any updated patches.

Contact Form

You can use this contact form to contact us about issues with patches or to submit game keys to us for an Unreal Engine 4 based game you want to see patched to allow for easy modding.

What does "Patched but not updated" mean?

It means that a patch was made for an earlier version of the game than the most current one. Usually because we remotely made a patch for someone as a job without actually owning the game. Since we don't support piracy in any shape, way or form, we do not keep old patches available for download as these could potentially be used for old, pirated versions of the game.

Can I help Illusory?

Yes! You can help us by donating a key to the game you want patched or by donating to us through PayPal so that we can improve the website functionality by renting servers to run a forum, back-end and a storage database of our own, spend more time updating patches or buy more of the games you guys want to see patched!

Submit the game-key to us in the form to the right of this text!

Donate to our PayPal: Donate!

Terms and Conditions

By donating a game key I understand and agree to that there are no guarantees that Illusory can make a patch for the game that I donate a key for. There is a successrate of about 95% for games made with Unreal Engine 4.15 - 4.24, but anything below 4.15 is unexplored territory. By donating, I agree to that there will be no refunds of keys and any arguing or harassment about the subject will be treated as fraud and legally pursued as such.

/Illusory Team