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Who is Illusory?

Illusory is the largest Unreal Engine 4 modding community at the moment with almost 4000 members, but the creators of Illusory is a small team of two:

- Genesis

- GHFear

Honorary Mentions:

- dga711 (Patch method founder for UE 4.22 - 4.24 and good friend.)

What is Illusory?

First of all, it's an idea of a future where modifying games to your liking is as simple as playing them. But it's also a fairly large and active community of over 4200 people and a piece of software we are working on to make this dream of ours come true.

What does the patchers do?

The patchers modify the game in such a way that it allows you to mod the game with loose files (uasset, ubulk, uexp) alongside PAK archives. So it will not matter if the original PAK archives are compressed, encrypted, hashed or signed, you can mod anyway. With this method, you don't need to unpack any files or build any PAK files to mod the game, which makes the modding experience much faster and easier.

So how do I mod games?

Join the Official Illusory Discord and get access to tutorials and guides on how to mod many different elements of UE4 based games.


Yes! We have a Discord Server with over 4200 members: JOIN!


That too! Feel free to subscribe for future updates in video form: YouTube

Can I support Illusory?

You can support Illusory by:

Donate Game-Keys: Donate!

Donate to our PayPal: Donate!